Pet Commissions

There are many reasons why someone chooses to have their pet immortalized in a painting or glass work. A competition win, or the death of a beloved pet or just because. Whatever the reason, commissioning an artist to create a piece to honour your animal is the perfect memory and keepsake.
Thinking about a commission? Here are some helpful hints...
-An artist is still a business, we have costs to cover. your final cost of the artwork are based on what it cost to make the painting.
 (A deposit will be  due before any commission is begun.)
-Make sure you like what artwork the artist produces. We all have a different style, just like there is more than one way to bake a cake. 
-Paintings take time , we try our very best to capture the subject to the best of our abilities
-Please remember you need to provide a good image of the subject. (No flash photo's otherwise the color of the subject is misrepresented.)-
-We cannot duplicate copyrighted images that belong to another artist, or photographer. That is like pirating movies, and selling them.
- By asking an artist to do a commission, you are giving that artist the right to use your photograph ( if  you as the client are not happy with the final painting, the artist then has the right to sell the painting)
-Try to figure out how big you would like the piece, we may change the orientation of the piece to make a better painting. 
- Please remember that when you buy a piece of artwork you are buying a piece of the artists creativity and style and there may be
variations between the original image and painting.
I personally take selected commission pieces as I am still developing my skills as an artist. See below my paintings with the reference picture next to them. Perhaps I may  paint in the style you enjoy.

Commission Price List -All prices are in Canadian Dollars

Updated Price List coming soon!