Meet Robyn!


Working in two very diverse mediums - hot formed blown glass and oil painting, Robyn Feluch has her art in collections around the world. She makes her home in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies just outside of Calgary, Alberta. Robyn is passionate about her art, her horses, her family and her friends. She enjoys the western lifestyle and considers herself “a good, clean cut, country gal. If asked, she would not be able to choose between glass or painting, as both are such an important part of who she is.


Glass is hot fluid beauty. To work with glass, you must
gently direct it towards the outcome that you want. It is like riding an untrained horse, all you can hope for is to guide the forward momentum. Relaxed focus is the key. Hot glass has a hot candy consistency that requires constant motion to avoid disaster. If you miss a twirl or allow the glass to cool too quickly or unevenly, your vases will break into a thousand pieces. But, if your luck holds, you will have a split second that you can admire your vessel before it must be placed in the kiln to prevent shock cracks from forming. It will be at least 12 hours before you can admire it again. That is, if it survives the cooling process.


With painting, you are in more control, as you have an almost infinite time to rework and add layers and strokes to a painting. That is not to say that painting is easy but just that painting lacks the time constraints or the danger element that is present with glass. Painting is like riding a well- trained dressage mount, if you have mastered the cues and use them correctly, you will end up with utter perfection.
That ordered techniques and precision of strokes is Robyn’s therapy, her calming element. It was painting that got Robyn through the mystery illness that had her sick for 2.5 years. And it was during that period of time that Robyn knew that painting and art were as important to her, as breathing.

"Art is the quest for the quiet balance between letting go and being in control."-Robyn Feluch

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