DeWinton art sale a weekend of talent

Fourteen artists from the Foothills and Calgary will get face to face with viewers in an informal three-day art show this weekend.

Artists with skills in paintings, photography, woodwork, jewelry, leather, slate art, glasswork, wearable art, pottery and sculptures will be featured at Art Works Art Show and Sale at the DeWinton Community Hall Oct. 13 from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. and Oct. 14-15 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

“We have a certain number of artists who keep coming back,” said Edith VanderKloot, event organizer and Millarville artist. “We give them first choice but there is always some people who leave and then we have new artists coming in. It gives a little variety to not only what the art works are but also the camaraderie.”

The free event will have attendees visiting with Kim Berlie, Ann Beswick, Cam Colclough, Elisabeth Ellis-Bassett, Robyn Feluch, Cathie Johnson, Bea Lefevre, Efrain Perdomo, Fran Porter, Evonne Smulders, Edith VanderKloot, Lynda Vowell, Allen Wiebe and Tina Winistok in this annual event.

“It’s a lovely outing and there’s so much variety and communication between the public and artists,” said VanderKloot.

In some cases, VanderKloot said those in attendance bring their own ideas to the artists based on what they see and their experiences.

“It’s a two-way conversation,” she said. “That’s most of the fun. We like to sell, of course, but you also want to show to the public why you’re doing this and what’s the meaning of it and what does it do for you.”

Some artists who are not displaying work in the show sometimes will attend for inspiration, VanderKloot said.

Southern Alberta artists have experienced a lag during the economic downturn in recent years. VanderKloot said things are picking up.

“There’s shows all over Calgary and everybody is doing very well this year,” she said. “We had a little bit of a setback last year and the year before, but we’re extremely happy with sales all over in the Foothills and in Calgary.”

VanderKloot said she will display photography and slate work inspired by her trip to Africa.

“The stone itself tells me a story and I enhance that with different media and bring out the story within the stone,” she said. “For each stone it’s different. I use acrylic, pastel, oil and other pieces of slate to build upon the stone itself. Often a story comes out that is not expected.”

DeWinton glass blower Robyn Feluch expects to draw some attention with her unique creations. This year will be her second at Art Works.

“It’s really interesting to bring an ancient medium in for the public to see,” she said.

“There’s actually quite a glass blowing hub here in Alberta, in Calgary in particular there is six shops that I know of just off the top of my head.”

Feluch said she began as an oil painter, but her recent studies at the Alberta College of Art and Design has her working on a bachelors degree in glasswork.

“I do blown work, sculptural work, sometimes I combine my drawings with glass,” she said.

Among the pieces she will bring to the show are glass jewelry, Christmas ornaments and functional vessels.

She said her glass creations got the most attention at last year’s show.

“There is some sort of magic connection with glass,” she said. “There is a mystery with glass that always really intrigues people.”

Attending Art Works has helped Feluch connect both with other artists and the public.

“I am really trying to have the artwork help supplement my life,” she said. “It’s like a full-time job on top of everything. As much as people think it’s about creating art it’s also about making connections and talking with the collectors and seeing what people like and what brings joy into their lives.”


Charlotte Feluch
Charlotte Feluch